Where AI meets finance and accounting

The only accounting and bookkeeping automation software that uses artificial intelligence to ensure that you manage your financials smarter and faster.


Experience 75% increase in productivity

CFOs, accountants and business owners are finding it difficult to get along with many accounting software due to complications and limitations.

Bookkeeping with text prompts

Generative AI powered bookkeeping, just type what you want and see the magic in your accounting system. From invoicing or expenses management.

Transactions categorization

Tyms AI will automatically analyse all your records and categorize them appropiately using your chart of accounts to ensure that you have a balanced book.

Bank statement reconciliation

Save days spent reconciling bank statements. Tyms AI will scan, analyse, categorize, and reconcile your bank transactions in minutes.

Reporting and Insights

Tyms AI will help you analyse your budgets, financial statements, KPI dashboard and records to develop insights and reports for you.

Need a smarter accounting system?

Then Tyms accounting and finance automation software is the answer to your question, irrespective of your mode of financial operation.