Tyms is ISO 27001-2022 certified and SOC-2 Type-2 compliant.

Modern accounting ERP for ambitious businesses.

Ambitious businesses have been able to relieve themselves of financial accounting hassles with Tyms. We foster automation, accuracy, and flexibility for effective financial operations so that you can close your book faster and smarter.

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The accounting software for smart working finance teams.

Modern CFOs, accountants and business owners in fast growing businesses choose to work smarter and not harder when managing their business accounting ops with Tyms.


Automation-first approach.

Reduce spreadsheets and journal entry hassles, keep record and compute in one place.


Multi-currency & Multi-entity.

Manage accounting across branches and different currencies. Track FX gain and losses in real-time.


Dashboards and analytics.

Access real-time analytics and insight dashboard for all your financial entries.


AI-powered insights.

Ask AI about financial position and performance insights for reporting.

Everything modern accounting all in one place.
Everything modern accounting all in one place.

Bookkeeping automation.

Manage your sales, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equities in one place. Track receivables, payables, prepayments, depreciation, amortization, and much more with in-built computation and ledger entries in real-time. Sync data from your bank statement or any other sources.

Financial accounting automation.

Automated journal entries and ledgers preparation with real-time financial statements preparation and dimensional view across entities, projects, departments and contacts.

Comprehensive budgeting and forecasts.

Plan your business financials for future opportunities through 3- statements financial modeling of your budgets with cash flow forecast.

Financial analysis and reporting.

Access and create real-time custom KPI metrics dashboard with visualization chart to derive business performance intelligence alongside shareable management reports and team collaboration.

Tyms AI co-pilot.

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence in accounting with auto-categorization of your transactions, generation of reports, journal entries, identify descrepancies, extracting data from documents and financial insights for management report preparation.

Common Questions

Find the answers to frequently asked questions, let's clear your doubts so that you can get started easily without any worries.

Is Tyms really an accounting software I can use as an accountant and non-accountant?
Yes, Tyms is a comprehensive and simply modularized accounting software. We are not another payment or billing platform claiming to power your accounting without anything accounting embedded.

Tyms helps you manage and automate the process of managing your accounting charts across assets, liabilities, equities, revenue and expenses.

When tax period arrives, Tyms is your best pal to close your book faster.
How is Tyms different from SageOne, QuickBooks, Zoho Book and Xero?
One major difference is that Tyms is automation-first. If you know that you still have to manage some basic schedules on an Excel spreadsheet before bringing them to your accounting software monthly, then you are the hardworking and not smart-working type.

We believe an accounting software shouldn't just be a database to store your financial data and then generate a basic financial statement, leaving you to do the hard work of computing in an Excel spreadsheet and manually making journal entries to handle important things like prepayments, FX gain and loss, disposal gain and loss, depreciation, amortization, and more.

We also include AI-powered functionalities to save you tons of hours, such as when analyzing bank statements for categorization or when you don't really understand the best way to pass a specific transaction journal entry.

Lastly, you get a dedicated and responsive support personnel you can reach for urgent or emergency support at no additional cost.
What is not possible on Tyms?
We are actively improving Tyms everyday to give room for customization. At the moment, the only thing impossible on Tyms is what can not be passed through a manual journal entry.
Can I migrate from another software?
Yes, you can seamlessly migrate from your existing accounting software to Tyms directly from your dashboard or by sending us an email via contact@tyms.io.
Can I try Tyms for free?
Yes, you can try Tyms for free and start paying once you complete your free trial. Visit the get started page to sign up.
Is my data safe and private with Tyms?
Yes, and you don't have to take our words for it. We invested deeply into getting our information security management and internal controls related to security auditted by third-party information security bodies.

Tyms is ISO 27001-2022 certified and SOC-2 Type-2 compliant. This means that Tyms follows internationally recognized best practices for information security (ISO 27001) and has been independently verified to effectively manage customer data and protect it against unauthorized access (SOC-2 Type-2).

  • ISO 27001-2022 certified:

    • ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management systems (ISMS).
    • The certification indicates that Tyms has established, implemented, maintained, and continuously improved an ISMS in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard.
    • The "2022" refers to the specific version of the standard, indicating that Tyms adheres to the latest requirements and best practices in information security management.

  • SOC-2 Type-2 compliant:

    • SOC-2 (Service Organization Control 2) is an auditing procedure developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization's information systems, specifically those that handle customer data.
    • Type-2 compliance means that Tyms has been assessed over a period of time (usually 6-12 months) to ensure their controls are not only properly designed but also effectively operated over the assessment period.
    • This compliance focuses on five "trust service criteria": security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.
Can I schedule a one-on-one demo call?
Yes, you can schedule a free demo by visiting Click to Request Demo.
How can I file my taxes with Tyms?
Almost all the information you need to file your taxes will be available and accessible to you on your account to download, making the process extremely seamless for you.

Seamless platforms integration.

Stay organized and streamline your accounting by integrating multiple platforms with Tyms. Connect all your business tools and platforms to Tyms for effortless accounting management.

Need a smarter accounting system?

Then Tyms accounting and finance automation software is the answer to your question, irrespective of your mode of financial operation.