The accounting software your business needs.

Keep track of your business finances in real-time. Monitor every detail you need to grow faster, stay profitable, and comply with financial regulations.

Trusted by thousands of fast growing businesses in 20+ countries

You've got a business; are you financially disciplined?

With Tyms, you are able to design a simple and comprehensive chart of accounts to effectively distribute your business records across revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equities.

Accurate and error-free financial records
Real-time tracking of financial data
Simplified financial reporting and analysis
Cost reduction and budget optimization
Accurate and error-free financial records
Real-time tracking of financial data
Simplified financial reporting and analysis
Cost reduction and budget optimization

Automate your bookkeeping; skip the boring manual records.

By automatically syncing all of your financial transactions, it saves you time and effort while ensuring accuracy and consistency. With this feature, you can stay on top of your bookkeeping tasks without the added stress and hassle.

Connect all your business bank accounts.
Set up bank rules for auto-posting.
Review structured accounting records.

It is well-curated for your needs.

Get flexible financial management solutions that fit your environment and give you full control of your financial operations and data.

Get IFRS-standard financial statements in real-time.

Stay compliant, accountable, and file taxes faster with IFRS-standard financial statements (statement of profit or loss, financial position or balance sheet, and change in equity) prepared automatically for you!

The cost of prevention is affordable than the cure.

You can enjoy amazing functionalities that fit your business size at the most affordable rate and the most simplistic user experience for all professionals. We outgrow QuickBooks, Wave and SageOne with full automation and affordability.

Enjoy almost all the features you need irrespective of the plan, your only limitation is record volume.

Common Questions

Find the answers to frequently asked questions, let's clear your doubts so that you can get started easily without any worries.

What is Tyms really all about?
Tyms is a comprehensive accounting and finance automation software for businesses. We understand that accounting can be very challenging, and as a business owner or finance expert, you need a faster and smarter way to keep track and generate the necessary reports and insights in real-time. Therefore, Tyms automates and makes managing your finances flexible and easy.
Why do I need an accounting software?
It is understandable that many businesses use their bank balance to determine if they have good cash flow or not, but numbers don't lie. A business needs to track its revenue, expenses, liabilities, equity, and assets in real-time so that they can decide if the business is really functional and will survive. Doing this manually can be tedious, and some accounting software is very complex to use. You need accounting software like Tyms that makes you do less manually while giving you more via automation in a very simple way.
Why should I choose Tyms?
Tyms has everything you need to fully manage or automate your business accounting and bookkeeping. Tyms is very comprehensive and simple to navigate, and you will be amused at how using Tyms will give you an entirely new impression of what you can achieve with quality accounting software.
Can I migrate from another software?
Yes, you can seamlessly migrate from your existing accounting software to Tyms directly from your dashboard or by sending us an email via
Can I try Tyms for free?
Yes, you can try Tyms for free and start paying once you complete your free trial. Visit pricing page for more information.
Is my data safe and private?
Yes, your data is stored with the utmost privacy using high-grade security and encryption, such that your data can only be accessed directly or indirectly (via our API) through your security details. We know how valuable they are, and we ensure they are personalised for you.
Can I schedule a one-on-one demo call?
Yes, you can schedule a free demo by visiting Click to Request Demo.
How can I file my taxes with Tyms?
Almost all the information you need to file your taxes will be available and accessible to you on your dashboard, making the process extremely seamless for you.

Start now and see the impact.

Tyms accounting and finance automation software is suitable for any industry irrespective of your mode of financial operation.