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How to create a new receipt on Tyms Book web application

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Help Center Invoicing And Receipts How to create a new receipt on Tyms Book web application

A receipt is a document serving as proof of a transaction that has taken place between a customer and a vendor. It indicates that a payment has been made for a product or service and specifies the purchase details, such as the items bought, quantities, prices, and any applicable taxes or discounts.

You can create a receipt from the scratch or generate one for an existing record.

Here is a brief guide on creating a new receipt on the Tyms Book web application.

Steps in creating a new receipt on Tyms Book web application:

How to create a new receipt

  1. Begin by logging into your Tyms Book account

  2. Click on the “Sales” page and select the receipt section.

  3. Click on the “Create receipt” button and a form will be opened up for you.

  4. Select the “Add item” button to add the details of the product or service being recorded.

  5. You would also be required to enter the "Item name", which is the name of the product you sell or service you offer.

  6. It is essential to choose the “Currency” in which the price of the item will be recorded. You can only select from the list of currencies that your business currently operates with.

  7. You MUST select the type of item you offer by categorizing it into a physical (product) or intangible thing (service).

  8. You can also enter the “Item description” to contain detailed information about the product or service.

  9. You can also enter the “Unit” which measures the product or service you offer. Example: For 6 litres of diesel - litres would be the unit.

  10. You can enter the number of items you bought or services you offer as "Quantity".

  11. You MUST also enter the price you sell that particular product or service as Sales Price.

  12. Click on "Save" and the item would be added to the record.

  13. Select the currency you’d like the transaction to be recorded in.

  14. You can also enter a “Percentage Discount” if you’re reducing the sales price for any reason over a particular period of time. This could be for customer retention, boosting sales, etc.

  15. You could also enter “Percentage Tax” on every record. I.e 7.5 for 7.5 percent.

  16. You would be asked to select the way the payment is received as “Payment type” - cash, transfer, or otherwise. This is optional.

  17. It’s optional to add a “Shipping fee” if there’s a cost of delivering the product.

  18. You would also be required to enter the date the receipt is being generated.

  19. You can choose to select the “Transaction category” this receipt falls under as cost of operations, salaries, or any other form for easy record categorization for financial reports.

  20. You can also leave a note as reference or keep memory of that particular receipt.

  21. You can also click on the “Add customer” button to add the details of the customer you’re sharing the receipt to.

  22. You can add a document as an evidence file to the receipt.

  23. Click on “Add bank” to manually add the bank payment was made to.

  24. Click on “Submit” and your receipt and record will be created successfully.

  25. You will also be redirected to the receipt detail page with options to configure and download receipt.

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