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Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses in 2023 - Tyms Book

By Blessing Obiora

Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses in 2023 - Tyms Book - in Nigeria Ghana South Africa Kenya USA Canada Morocco Egypt Lagos Abuja

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You have been told as a small business owner, accounting and bookkeeping are non-negotiable practices for business growth and success. And, the need for keeping your business books with accounting software.

Well, we understand there are several options out there and you might be stuck with deciding which is the best accounting software for you, either as a small medium enterprise or startup.

This post has been carefully crafted to help you see with your eyes what is the best option out there!

Introducing Tyms Book 

Having been in the business of providing business solutions to small business owners, we understand the struggle with business financial management, which is the reason behind many other business challenges, such as; the inability to secure business grants, tax filing headaches, poor knowledge of true financial status and health of a business.

With this in mind, Tyms Book, as accounting software, achieves a seamless financial management system for your business in the most simplified manner!

From customized receipts and invoices, to bill tracking, to AI-generated financial reports.

Best Accounting Software For Your Business

Whether you are using Excel spreadsheets, QuickBooks, Xero, Wave, or Freshbooks. 

See how Tyms Book stands as the best option.

Tyms Book Versus QuickBooks 

  • Tyms Book is accessible on all devices. Tyms Book is easily accessible on desktops, androids, iPhones, and tablets. Whether you prefer the web version or the mobile app, the choice is yours. The ease of access allows users of any type to conveniently work with their preferred option, without being boxed.

With  QuickBooks self-employed, you only have the option of the mobile app.

  • No prior knowledge of accounting to operate and use software.Tyms Book was specifically built for small businesses and medium enterprises to carry out their business financial management without needing an accountant.Even without having any prior knowledge of accounting, you can keep track of your bills, and stay updated on your financial reports with our automated system.

Most QuickBooks users are accountants or businesses managed by accountants.

Tyms Book Versus Wave

  • Tyms Book allows you to print and capture barcodes for your stocks. This helps you track your inventory in real-time faster and easier. 

Wave accounting software does not have such feature.

  • Connect banks for easy reconciliation. With Tyms Book, you have the option of manual and auto-syncing bank accounts to the software. Easily access and track all your transactions and have your accounts reconciled without much ado.

Wave also allows you to connect your bank accounts but does not leave you with options.

Tyms Book Versus Xero 

  • Pricing: Tyms Book offers you affordable pricing as low as $6 per month, in comparison to $25 for Xero.

  • Ease of Installation and Initial Set up: Tyms Book can be easily installed and set up without the aid of a technical assistant.

However, with Xero, this is a major challenge for small business owners. Unless you are technically inclined, you may require the services of a technology-inclined person.

Tyms Book Versus FreshBooks

  • Generate your financial statements: Generate your financial statements  such as balance sheets with credits and debits, and other financials.

With FreshBooks, you don't have these options.

  • Access Business Profitability Every Week: With Tyms Book, you stay up-to-date with your business profitability rate. This feature is as frequent as every week.

There is no such provision with FreshBooks.

Easy-To-Use Tyms Book Features 


Create unlimited custom and professional invoices. Keep track of your overdue and outstanding cash receivables. Send reminders and stay updated with your expected cash inflows.


Create custom receipts for customers and clients. Experience ease in tax filing, by matching your receipts with bills and staying updated with your business records.


Tidy your record, by staying up to date with your bills from each vendor. Easily match bills with receipts for your tax filing. Match each bill with corresponding vendors, and keep track of overdue bills.


With our automated system, keep track of all your expenses. Connect your payment gateways and bank accounts to our software. This way, you easily manage your records and have your financial reports accessible at a glance.


With our outstanding feature—capturing and printing barcodes of your stock, you easily manage your inventory. Also, forecast your returns on sales.


Input, store and easily access the contact details of your vendors from the provision on our system. With our secure system, keep track of which vendor you have to make payments to.


Trust our secure and safe system for your customer's database. Our software follows strict privacy issues, so you don't have to worry about data stored on your account.

Bank Accounts:

We operate with bank accounts integrated into our system. Connect and streamline your payments from our software, whether manually or automated. Multi Banking from your various bank accounts 

Financial Reports:

Have your financial reports ready at one click with data supplied, from cash flow statements to profit and loss statements, and balance sheets. Our automated system ensures you stay updated on your business's financial health.


With Tyms Book, you interact with existing accounting systems, e-commerce systems, CRM and payment gateways. There is no rigidity, we allow synchronization of all your other systems for your business and have them in our space.

Quote and Estimates:

Create custom quotes for your customers and clients with our invoicing system. Also, estimate your profits from our inventory system.

Make The Switch To The Best Accounting Software Option For Small Businesses 

Here are why Tyms Book is the best accounting software for your small business;

1. Best Option For Retail And E-commerce Store 

Whether you are running an online commerce store or retail business, Tyms book allows you to set up a mini page to showcase your products online. For e-commerce stores, we integrate plugins, such as woocommerce plugin. This way it is easier to sync your online sales and inventory.

2. Easy-To-Navigate Interface 

Tyms Book has an easy-to-use interface. The software was built to offer easy navigation without complicating the experience and journey of the user. You don't need to be techy to use this software.

3. Pricing 

An outstanding feature across all accounting software is the relatively affordable pricing of Tyms Book when compared to others. With as low as $6, you can access our subscription plan per month. This offers you the availability of accounting software even if your earning power is still low.

4. Steady Support From The Support Team 

We understand that customers are always right. Hence, we prioritize our customers and always provide the support they need while using the software. And, beautifully, real humans respond to your complaints with a ready and tailored solution.

See How The Software Works in Minutes

Final Words 

At this point, you must have seen for yourself that Tyms Book is the best accounting software for your small businesses. What you need is a solution tailored to your need and not just a big name.

Need any help with getting started? 

Drop a comment or reach out to the support team. We will be ready to walk you through.

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