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QuickBooks Best Alternative in Nigeria

By Blessing Obiora

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With the rise in technological advancement, businesses are constantly seeking solutions that enhance their business outcomes, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and save time. 

And, there is no better time to talk about cloud accounting than now.

The financial management of a business is very crucial to its growth and success. Businesses that understand this and make it a priority will appreciate cloud accounting.

To better buttress the topic: Quickbooks best alternative in Nigeria, we will get to the basics.

What Is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting is an accounting solution or system that allows businesses to have multi-user access and safe online storage for their business data. This solution allows businesses to key data from their locations, streamlining business processes and making financial reporting easier. 

Simply put, you securely store your business financials in cloud services to get them back processed and ready for use.

This eliminates the need for desktops or having each team member wait to access one gadget to access the business financial data.

Pro tip: Cloud accounting is different from traditional accounting software. In cloud accounting, you and your team can remotely access your information from anywhere.

Also, it allows multi-user at the same time. Traditional accounting software on the other hand can only be hosted on your hard drive, limiting access to one user at a time.

The Need Of Nigerian Businesses—QuickBooks Best Alternative

We have established the fact of what cloud accounting is and the solution it provides to businesses. 

However, every business ecosystem is different, to understand what solution is the best, you must have a good understanding of that ecosystem.

80% of Small Business Enterprises(SMEs) that collapsed in Nigeria failed due to cash flow problems arising from poor financial management practices.

This huge data speaks of how needful cloud accounting is and the many impacts it can make on SMEs if put to use.

From simplifying bookkeeping, record keeping and financial management, cloud accounting proves to be a whole lot better than traditional accounting or traditional accounting software.

QuickBooks Best Alternative in Nigeria - Tyms Book

Having stated the peculiarity of the Nigerian business ecosystem, you should know that there is no better solution than a home-grown one. 

Here are some of the reasons for a Nigerian Quickbooks alternative:

QuickBooks is expensive:

With an alternative as low as $3, a service of $27 should be considered way expensive. With Tyms Book, you will be saving up a whopping $24. That's so much money for you to have a rethink.

No dollar payment stress:

Every Nigerian businessman knows how stressful and demanding it can be sometimes to make payments in foreign currency. Not to add, the instability with the dollar-naira rates. Wouldn't it be so much bliss to pay for accounting software in naira without requiring dollar cards as an alternative to Quickbooks?

Unlimited users at no additional cost per user:

With Tyms Book, you can access unlimited users at no additional cost per user. On QuickBooks, this is not possible.

Still, wondering if there is better accounting software out there as an alternative to Quickbooks?

Let's show you the difference!

Tyms Book Versus QuickBooks 

This comparison was made between Tyms Book affordable plan and QuickBooks Plus (Advanced plan)

Tyms Book Affordable Plan features not available on QuickBooks Plus
  • Inventory tracking barcodes 

  • 100 customers and vendors.

  • Mobile, web and bot access.

  • Scheduled report notification.

  • Data import and export

  • 1GB file storage

  • API integration and store plugins

  • 2 payment gateways

  • 100 products online store

  • App integrations e.g QuickBooks

  • 5 AI monthly credits e.g receipt scan

  • Get a business bank account

  • 1 inbound custom email address

  • 10 employees' payroll integration

  • Insight Reporting.

QuickBooks Plus Plan Features On TymsBook
  • Insight Reporting.

Want to also see how Tyms Books compares to other accounting software? Read it here. 

Bottom Line

We understand that you need a solid alternative to QuickBooks tailored to meet the needs of your business in Nigeria, and that is what Tyms Book provides you with.

Make the switch you need today to access even more than is available on QuickBooks with lesser stress.

A trial will convince you, we are ready to get you on board!

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