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How to add a bank on Tyms web application

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Help Center Payment And Banking How to add a bank on Tyms web application

Tyms empowers both individuals and businesses to seamlessly incorporate banks for transaction management, facilitating easy reconciliation. These added banks serve as repositories for predefined bank rules and robust tracking mechanisms, enabling users to monitor financial activities flowing through the designated bank accounts.

Whether you need to track income, expenses, or other financial activities, Tyms' bank management feature provides a structured and efficient solution for streamlining your financial operations. With this, users can achieve greater control and precision in handling their monetary transactions, leading to enhanced financial clarity and productivity.

Here is a guide on how to add a bank on Tyms web application.

Steps in adding bank on Tyms web application:

  1. Navigate to the banking section and click on the “Add bank” button.

  1. Select the currency of the bank you want to add from the list of already added currencies.

  2. Enter the name of the bank or financial institution.

  3. Please enter the name of that particular account to be added.

  4. Enter the account number.

Click on "Save" and the bank details will be added to the bank available for reconciliation, email forwarding and capturing bank statements.

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