How to set up Tyms forwarding email for real-time bookkeeping via bank transaction sync

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Help Center Bookkeeping How to set up Tyms forwarding email for real-time bookkeeping via bank transaction sync

Tyms forwarding emails are emails created for businesses on Tyms to automatically capture transactional emails in their inbox so as to keep a record of it for them on Tyms accounting system (automated bookkeeping).

Why use Tyms forwarding email?

Businesses that want to get their bank transactions automatically recorded and categorized for them based on their bank rules can achieve a 99% success certainty if they use Tyms forwarding email to handle the real-time transaction synchronization in lieu of our initial auto-bank transaction pull that requires you to log in to your bank account to authorize data sync access. The Tyms forwarding email was created to mitigate the instability experienced by businesses and the limited number of banks available when attempting to use auto-bank connect to pull data in real-time.

The Tyms forwarding email address is powered with artificial intelligence that analyses your bank debit or credit transactional emails to prepare a clean and structured record of it for you on Tyms.


Tyms forwarding email domain

The Tyms forwarding email is made up of two components usually found in every email address i.e. username and domain.

Your Tyms forwarding email domain has the syntax {{tag}} The tag is your Tyms business tag which was automatically generated for you during registration and you can easily edit it by going to the edit business page under settings. If the tag of your business under the edit business page is set to “xyz”, then your forwarding email domain on Tyms will be “”.

Tyms forwarding email username

The Tyms forwarding email username is created when you are creating a Tyms forwarding email address for your bank. You need to set up different forwarding emails for each of your bank accounts created on Tyms. Below are the steps to creating a Tyms forwarding email address for your bank accounts.

(Step 1). Visit the banks’ page under the menu Banking > Banks and click the eye icon in the action column of the banks’ table to visit the bank detail page. If you have not created a bank yet, click on the “Add bank” button to add a new bank account.



(Step 2). On the bank details page, go to the “Forwarding Emails” tab and click the “Create Forwarding Email” button to create a new email for the bank (Note that you can only create a single email for each bank.


(Step 3). On the create forwarding email modal, there are five (5) different activities as highlighted in the screenshot below. (1) Provide your username which must be alphanumeric without any signs or symbols. (2) The email type is automatically a bank, so it’s not editable. (3) Your active page bank is automatically selected, if not wait for it to automatically appear. (4) Provide the list of email addresses that are allowed to forward emails to the Tyms forwarding email being created for the bank. The allowed email can be your bank alert email address or your business email address used to receive debit and credit alerts from the bank. (5) Click the submit button to create and you are done.


You can find the email address created for you on the forwarding emails table.


How to link the created Tyms forwarding email to your bank account

Now that the Tyms forwarding email has been created, the next step is to activate it for bank transaction capturing. There are two ways that you can do this which are suggested below:


(Method 1). Submit the email to your bank or on your banking platform so that the Tyms forwarding email is notified of all transactions taking place in your bank account. In this case, you must ensure that your bank notification email address is added to the list of banks that can send emails to your Tyms forwarding email address.


(Method 2). Set up email forwarding filters or rules in any of the email services you use such as Gmail, Outlook, ZohoMail, Yahoo, Amazon Workmail and lots more. What happens when you set a forwarding filter or rules via your email provider is that, whenever your bank sends a transaction alert to your normal email address connected to your bank, you want the email to be instantly forwarded to your Tyms forwarding email address e.g. xyz@mytag.tyms.mail. Below are links to step-by-step instructions on how to set up email forwarding on some popular email providers. 

Note that based on the instructions, the email you are forwarding is your Tyms forwarding email address e.g. xyz@mytag.tyms.mail and in case any of the platforms send a confirmation code for verification, you will get it inside the email address you used to register on Tyms.

Below is a list of access instructions if you want to set forwarding from your email provider instead of submitting the email created on Tyms to your bank or banking platform:


Please send an email to if you need further assistance. You can also click here to schedule a one-on-one demo.

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