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Tyms Book: Easy-to-use Accounting Software for SMEs and Start-ups

By Blessing Obiora

Tyms Book: Easy-to-use Accounting Software for SMEs and Start-ups - in Nigeria Ghana South Africa Kenya USA Canada Morocco Egypt Lagos Abuja

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Some practices are non-negotiable for business success, which include; bookkeeping, recordkeeping, accounting and general business finance management.

We understand the struggle of most SMEs and startups in trying to keep their books tidied and up-to-date.

From making faster business decisions, knowing the financial health of your business, and staying out of trouble with tax filing. You simply can't do without business finance management.

At Tyms Africa, the core of our solution is simplifying business finance management. 

Finance is the lifeline of every business. Hence, the need for SMEs and Startups to understand how their money is moving.

A lack of this basic understanding will mean impending doom for such business, as finances aid the overall conduct, growth and expansion of a business.

Tyms Book

Tyms book is an accounting software that helps you achieve a seamless system for your business records. You make payments, multi-bank, track your bills, and generate financial reports in one click with our one-stop, smart and easy-to-use accounting software. With Tyms book, digital business finance management is guaranteed.

The Need For Accounting Software for SMEs and Startups

Digital is the new normal. And, this is not left out in the world of business and finance management. Smart solutions are constantly being introduced to simplify business finance management and guarantee better results. 

One such solution is the use of accounting software.

For small business owners, the use of accounting software is a more affordable alternative and manageable than hiring an accountant or the services of an accounting firm.

Why Tyms Book –  Benefits of an Accounting Software for SMEs and Startups 

Customized Invoicing: Tyms book affords you the privilege of tracking your receivables easily with our customized invoicing system. Stay updated with your cash inflow and know when each cash receivable is due. Our secure system ensures you don't miss out on any transaction.

Seamless Online Payment: We understand that SMEs and startups operate with multiple payment gateways, Tyms book allows you to integrate all these options. This way you enjoy seamless online payment and have all your business financial records in one place.

Inventory Management Made Easy: Take your inventory management a notch higher with our barcode-capturing feature. Keep track of your stock and expected returns on sales in a secure system.

Financial Reports In One Click: To be updated with your business health, easily access your financial reports in one click. From Cash Statements to Profit &  Loss statements to Balance Sheets. Readily access all the financial reports of your business from our automated software. This way business decisions become easier and faster.

Zero Headache With Tax Filing: Which better way can you as a small business owner bid goodbye to the anxiety that comes with tax season than to have your books in order ahead of time? Our software ensures you have everything in place from bills to receipts, to invoices, stay ahead and have your bookkeeping needs met.

Track Expenses and Manage Bills: Knowing where your money is going as an SME or startup is essential to your growth. Keep track of your expenses and manage your bills with our software. This way, you can capture your vendors and know what takes up your business resources the most.

Take Your Business Global With Our Multi Currency Feature:  There is no limitation with using Tyms book, our software allows you to bank and carry out transactions beyond the borders of your country. This way you can trade and do business across the globe.

API Integration For E-commerce: If as an SME, you have a digital platform, you can easily sync your online sales and inventory with Tyms Book. With the API, third-party online platform activities can be recorded on Tyms Book.

Manage Expenses With Corporate Cards: Our corporate cards allow us to automate payables for businesses. With virtual corporate cards generated, business owners can link the cards to their bills or any of their expenses. Tyms Book tracks card transactions and keeps automatic expense records. 

Final Words

What better way do you need to manage your business finances and scale your business than with our smart software solution? Join many SMEs and startups and take your business financial management into your hands. Our simplified seamless business finance management solution–Tyms Book is all you will ever need! 

A trial will convince you.

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