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How to create a sales link on Tyms web application

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Help Center Invoicing And Receipts How to create a sales link on Tyms web application

The sales link is a link that can be generated to streamline the process of sending invoices and quotes to customers who are interested in buying a specific product or using a particular service, eliminating the need to send them individually. Tyms allows users to create this link, allowing customers to complete a form, input their information, and receive personalized invoices and quotes.

Here is a brief guide on how to create a sales link on the Tyms web application.

Steps in creating a sales link on Tyms:

Step 1: Sign in to the Tyms web application

Step 2: Navigate to the Sales and invoicing page and select the Sales Link page.


Step 3: Click on the “Create Sales Link” button and a form will be opened up to you to enter details relating to the sales link.

Step 4: a. Select the link type as invoice or quote.

b. Select the currency for this particular sales link from your list of already added currencies.

c. You can choose to edit the exchange rate for the link if the currency selected is different from the base currency. 

d. Enter the title of the sales link. 

e. Select the chart of account for these sets of sales to be associated with the link. 

f. You can select the department, branch and projects that this particular sales, invoice or quote would be associated with.

Step 5: Click on the “Add item” button to select the items (products or services) to be available for the customers to see from the sales link. 

a. Enter the product name or select from the existing product by clicking the dropdown by the right hand side. 

b. Select the currency this product is to be recorded in. 

c. Select if it’s a product - tangible item or a service - intangible item being offered. 

d. You can enter the product description to describe the details of the item. 

e. You MUST enter the unit of the item if it’s a product and quantity of the item available. 

f. Enter the transaction price for a unit of that item and save.

Step 6: Enter the payment details of the sales link by doing the following: 

a. Entering the number of days after the start date before the invoice becomes due. 

b. Enter your preferred text for the Sales Link URL. Ex: book-shop and link will be: 

c. Enter your preferred message to be displayed when a customer has successfully submitted the form from the link. 

d. Sales link description which can contain payment terms or any information useful for the customer. 

e. You can also enter a personal note or memo to keep memory of payments or invoices generated through this link.

f. You can enter a percentage discount and select tax from your list of taxes or create a new tax. If there’s a fee for transportation or logistics of the product, you can enter the shipping fee. 

g. Click the “Select payment gateway” field to select a payment gateway you have already connected to allow automatic recording and acceptance of payment, or the button below - “Click here to connect to payment gateway” if you want to connect a payment gateway anew.

h. Check the box saying “Allow customers to pay in installment” if you want to allow customers to make part payment, and if not, do not check.

Click on “Submit and Save” and the sales link will be created for you and available to share.

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